15 essential health questions to ask before foreign travel

Health advice for travelling

What do you need to know about illness and disease before traveling abroad? Malaria, ‘Delhi belly’, typhoid, HIV, hepatitis, rabies, yellow fever, meningitis, tuberculosis, cholera, tetanus and polio are just a few of the nasty diseases that people can potentially contract during their adventure travels.

To minimize the risk of contracting these diseases, and to prepare yourself for when you encounter problems on your travels, ask yourself the following 15 essential questions in the months before you intend to set off. If you can answer each of these questions positively and in detail, you will be more likely to stay healthy on your travels:

  • How do I get current and up-to-date travel health advice?
  • What vaccinations do I need to get before traveling?
  • Do I need to take any medication on my travels?
  • How do I avoid contracting malaria or other insect-borne diseases?
  • How can I minimize the risk of getting ‘Delhi belly’?
  • How can my common sense help to prevent me from becoming unwell?
  • How can I avoid danger areas attributable to my own behavior, such as using drugs, taking risks with my sexual health, and abusing alcohol?
  • Are my teeth healthy, and do I need to see a dentist before traveling?
  • Do I know what precautions to take when preparing, cooking and eating food?
  • Have I got a suitable first aid kit and do I know how to use it?
  • Am I prepared for the sanitary conditions that I am likely to encounter while traveling?
  • Can I handle an emergency situation?
  • If I am going to travel at high altitude, do I have a basic understanding of high-altitude sickness?
  • Do I have good medical and/or travel insurance?
  • If I am taking prescribed medication or have a pre-existing medical condition, how will this affect my planning?

The questions in this list may seem to be a lot to think about before you embark on your adventure, but a little thought now about your health will prepare you well for the travels ahead.

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  • ehab 'what injections do i need to have before travelling to thailand and egypt.?'

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  • bodykind 'definitely typhoid and make sure your TB, tetenus and meningitus jabs are up to date'

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  • bodykind 'Taking a probiotic supplement before, during and after your holiday can help prevent your digestive system having a hissy fit! BioCare do a probiotic supplement called TravelGuard which is very popular http://www.bodykind.com/product.asp?CatID=366&ProdID=1991'

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