4x4 off-road challenge in the UK

Off-road driving in the UK

The mere thought of getting your 4x4 within splashing distance of a muddy puddle may be too much for some of you. For the rest, why not pit your wits against navigating one around ditches, ruts and water splashes with the help of an expert instructor.  You can spend anything from an hour to a whole day driving.  This challenge will be more a test of your own concentration than the mud-plugging beast at your disposal. Be prepared for hills, thrills, spills and white knuckle fun ... and mud, lots of mud!

Who can do it?

No previous experience is necessary as sessions will be varied to suit drivers’ abilities. After a basic theory lesson and safety briefing you will take to the track and put it all into practice. Because these events are often on private land, people as young as 16 may participate, though check with the event organiser beforehand. There are also some height restrictions given that you need to be able to both reach the pedals and avoid concussion at the same time. It’s recommended that those with a nervous disposition give this one a miss. Do remember however that there is something strangely satisfying about tearing around in somebody else’s vehicle.

Where can I do a 4x4 off-road challenge?

There are locations nationwide. Many are man-made so you don’t necessarily need to be near a hilly area. Courses also vary in type and difficulty. For the adventurous there are more extreme options available including steep ascents and man-made obstacles. You may have to travel further afield to find these as they will be at specific locations. Check with 4x4 off-road challenge organisers about the best location that suits your needs. Itineraries and vehicles will vary between locations so if you have a particular 4x4 you’d like to drive you’ll need to check with the organiser before booking.

How much will it cost?

This depends purely on how long and how technical you want the challenge to be. Budget £50 to £60 for an introductory drive which will last up to two hours. For longer sessions of mud-happy mayhem, up to £200 will get you a whole day riding roughshod over nature’s creations. Make sure when you book that you are not buying the 4x4 off-road challenge as part of a bigger package that includes other events. That’s unless you are planning a whole day of activities of course. More expensive options will include a meal and more advanced terrain to slide around in. It’s also worth enquiring about group and week-day discounts.

The charity challenge

Alternatively, you could choose to go through a charity. Not only will you have the time of your life, you will also be able to raise lots of cash for a worthy cause. If you do want to experience a 4x4 off-road challenge with a charity, it is more than likely the charity will already have packages available. This will then save you the hassle of making all the arrangements.

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