5 apps to improve your life

Life-changing apps

We can all safely say that the recent developments in technology have changed our lives, but are you making full use of the wizard-like gadgetry we now have on offer? If not, here are five life-changing apps to try.

5 apps to improve your life

TED Conferences - Free

Where can you hear spoken word poets, first-class scientists and tech geniuses, like Steve Jobs, speak about their most exciting, world-changing ideas?  TED Conferences, that’s where. TED is a not-for-profit organisation whose strapline reads: Ideas Worth Spreading. TED believes knowledge should be free and they do their best to spread provoking and insightful knowledge by inviting experts from a wide variety of fields to give talks. These talks are all filmed and available to watch for free using the TED app. This app is truly life-changing and is hugely entertaining. We warn you though, once you watch one TED talk you’ll struggle to stop. 

RedLaser – Free

We’d all like to have more money, but rather than trying to get more into your bank account by chasing that promotion at work or cutting back on things you love, why not just download the RedLaser app for free?  The RedLaser app allows you to scan products you’re thinking of buying and compare the price of the product online and with other local suppliers of the product.

Shopping with the RedLaser app means that you never pay too much for something you want and ensures you always get the best deal. If RedLaser wasn’t providing enough of a service already, you can also buy the product you want using the app on your phone too. Use this app for a month and you’ll soon notice the improvement in your bank balance.

Deep sleep with Andrew Johnson – £1.99

Getting enough sleep is a hugely important part of living a healthy lifestyle, but between work, friends and family commitments most of us struggle to switch off when it comes to actually falling asleep. This is where the Deep Sleep app can help. This sleep-inducing app acts as a guided meditation and teaches you breathing techniques and relaxation techniques to help you slow down, unwind and relax, so that you can get to sleep naturally.

People who have for years struggled to get to sleep claim that the Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson app has changed their lives and it has helped many people get a decent night’s sleep.

OmniGraffle – £1.99

Imagine that you’re in a meeting and suddenly a fail-proof, wonderful idea comes to you, but words just aren’t enough to convey the greatness of this brilliant brainwave. What to do? Well, we suggest you download OmniGraffle, an app that allows you to quickly knock-up a diagram, chart or website wireframe within seconds and turn it into something that looks presentable enough to show to your boss.

Not only can you freehand sketch using the app, you can use the apps stencils to create pre-styled creations that help you to communicate clearly. This app isn’t just a communication tool; it will aid your career, make you seem like one of the most organised guys or gals in the company and give you confidence in big meetings when words alone are not enough to impress. Download this app and you could be looking at a new promotion – thanks OmniGraffle.

Teemo – £1.99

If you’re one of those people who would like to spend every evening playing video games and don’t much like exercising you’re going to love Teemo.  It’s an app that makes exercising fun. Users pick an adventure destination, such as the Amazon rainforest or Everest, then they invite their friends to come and join them on that adventure. Once your friend has accepted you get to go on a video game challenge together in the chosen destination and have to perform specialist, targeted exercises to complete the game.

Once complete you can cheer on teammates and share your achievements on Facebook. This app is unique, fun and can dramatically improve your fitness levels and help you to tone up and lose weight. It will have more of a dramatic effect on people who don’t tend to work out much or who have been struggling to exercise recently due to a hectic schedule. Yet even if you’re a fitness fanatic you’ll enjoy the game element of this app and get to exercise your competitive nature.

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