5 worst fitness fads

Weird fitness crazes we wish had never happened

Like fashion, the world of fitness has made some massive faux pas in its time. Here we put the spotlight on five of the most offending fitness fads. Prepare to see some seriously strange and downright bizarre crazes.

Face Yoga

Danielle Collins is behind the fitness fad known as Face Yoga, which works out the 57 muscles of your face, using moves such as The Giraffe, the V and the Smile Smoother.

According to Collins, those people who use her 18 Face Yoga techniques will benefit from a natural facelift. Face Yoga participants will also supposedly have fewer wrinkles, firmer skin and will benefit from an improved skin tone. Those people who have signed up to Face Yoga classes are supposed to ‘train’ six times a week for 20 minutes at a time, which could account for some of those odd expressions you’ve seen people pull recently.


We knew people loved their dogs and we knew some people pampered their pets, but what we did not know was that people had taken their love for their pooches to the extreme and had created a dog-friendly workout that both pet and owner could do together, side by side. Doga is yoga for your dog. This terrible fitness fad began in New York and the classes aim to rid your dog of their negativity and anxiety.

If you’re like us, you’re probably wondering how dogs do yoga poses. Well, in some instances the dogs are just used as weights whilst their owners actually do the hard work, but apparently there are a few doggie stretches these canines can perform solo.   

Karaoke Spinning

We don’t know about you, but when we’re in a spinning class we’re not sure we would even be able to whisper aloud our own names if we were called upon mid-class, let alone belt out a karaoke hit like Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On (secretly, we all love it).

As fun as it might sound, karaoke spinning has made it onto our list of the 5 worst fitness fads because it is yet another workout with a kooky twist that has been thought up by gyms just to attract new customers. The only health benefit we can see from attending this class is that you might be able to work harder during your spinning class because if you concentrate on your singing, you might just forget about the searing pain your body is going through during spinning hell. 

50 Shapes Of Grey

We’ve all heard or read the book 50 Shades of Grey, but have you heard of the fitness fad that has taken fitness inspiration from this raunchy novel? Nope, nor had we. 50 Shapes of Grey is a fitness class created by Kristen James who is based in New York. The class aims to build up people’s strengths and flexibility so that they can re-enact the kinky moves the characters, Anastasia and Christian, perform together in the book.

Kristen devised her 13 ‘sexercise’ moves after analysing each chapter of the book and came up with sexy names for each, such as the seductive squat and the sexy scissors. If you want to try out the 50 Shapes of Grey workout expect to thrust – a lot. Kristen even suggests you could workout in your heels, which doesn’t sound like the safest way to exercise, but who are we to judge?

Punk Rock Aerobics

If you pass by a gym when an aerobics class is taking place you’re bound to hear some pretty cheesy pop songs blasting out and see some people bopping about in a fairly happy and carefree way. Yet, in some gyms there’s a chance you might stumble across a Punk Rock Aerobics class and see an entirely different scene.

The Punk Rock Aerobics classes see people of all ages working out to punk royalty, such as The Sex Pistols, The Buzzcocks and The Clash. Not only do the classes aim to keep you fit with moves such as the air guitar, the skank and mosh pit, they also aim to help you think for yourself and boost your self-esteem. Although we wouldn’t say this fitness fad is terrible, it is an odd one and it’s so odd we felt you had to know about it.  

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