7 reasons to run a marathon

Why you should take the plunge

Whether running a marathon has been on your mind for a while or you have recently been inspired to sign up, you may be wondering whether you really want to take the plunge. To help you get inspired and motivated to sign up for an event, here are seven reasons to run a marathon.

To fulfil a lifetime ambition

There are few things in life more satisfying than achieving a personal goal and, for many people, running a marathon is a lifetime ambition. Offering a chance to travel (or take in local scenery), be cheered on by supportive crowds and really challenge both your mental and physical strength, running a marathon is an inspiring and life-affirming event that will stay with runners forever.

To raise money for a good cause

Running a marathon is a great opportunity to offer support to a cause close to your heart. While running a marathon for its own sake is an extremely satisfying experience, by teaming up with a charity, runners have the joint satisfaction of fulfilling their marathon dream whilst raising vital sponsorship money and awareness for a really worthy cause.

To make new friends

Running a marathon offers a great opportunity to meet new people and forge lasting friendships, whether through joining a running club, searching for a running partner or amidst the supportive and friendly atmosphere on the big day. The marathon experience is all about bringing runners together and once you’ve shared an epic fitness battle with thousands of other participants, you're sure to have plenty to chat about!

To improve your success in life

Running a marathon is not only an achievement in itself, research has found that regular running could also help to enhance your success in other areas of life. The fact that exercise requires planning, application, dedication and discipline means that it can help to improve your character development. In fact, a study of people training for a New York marathon found that regular exercise improves people’s goal-setting, organisation and discipline – both at work and in other areas of life.

To have a life-changing experience

Many of us go through life feeling doubtful of our own abilities and putting off our dreams for another day. However, running a marathon is a great way to prove to yourself exactly what you are capable of. Setting a goal, completing months of training and then eventually crossing that finish line is a life-changing event for many that will leave you feeling like you can tackle anything!

To get in shape

An obvious benefit of training for a marathon is that it will help to give your health and fitness levels a boost. Running is great for boosting cardiovascular health and improving bone strength. Many marathon runners also cross-train with other exercises such as yoga, swimming and cycling that help to increase muscle strength and flexibility. While you can run without signing up for a marathon, setting yourself a running goal is a great way to stay motivated to run.

Because you can!

Many people believe that running a marathon is beyond their abilities and that they would never be fit, disciplined or good enough at running to take one on. However, while it is important to visit your doctor for a health assessment before taking on marathon training, the odds are you are capable of more than you think. Watching a marathon will prove to you that running one is not just for the super-fit amongst us. People of all shapes, ages and abilities manage to successfully run a marathon – and so could you!


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  • HilaryWoof 'I just did the Manchester Marathon for the first time at 53, with no running experience at all, (yes, I finished, just under 5 hours, thanks!) and can tell you that all those are true. Trouble is now can I be bothered to do any running at all without all those incentives? At the moment, not!'

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  • MaureenD 'I'm doing a half marathon in Edinburgh shortly and have signed up to Loch Ness in September. '

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  • Fairbs 'I've now run 3 marathons, my last at 3hrs 15mins, and my 1st thought was don't run them!! But reading the reasons, mine was to fulfil a lifetime ambition. I am really glad I have, and no one can ever take that away from me. I now class myself as a runner and I will always run.'

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