7 ways to revitalize your run

How to make your run more enjoyable

Like everything in life, running can become dull. Even if you love running, at some point in your running career you may find that you need to revitalize your run. Here we give you 7 awesome running hacks that will help you to enjoy running again. 


Although many of us use running as a way of getting away from the stresses of life, sometimes to renew your love of running, modern life can actually help. Use Youtube to search for great motivational videos. How bad do you want it? is a timelessly excellent video that is bound to make you want to get your running shoes on and get out for a run. If you’re technologically minded you could also try and make your own running videos.


If your motivation is lacking you should make a new running playlist. According to Zest magazine, 77 per cent of people think they work harder when listening to music. Bearing this in mind, music could be the key to revitalising your run.  On your playlist include some of your favourite songs, but also some epic songs that will make you want to work hard on your run. The Dropkick Murphy’s always have punchy, fast-paced songs, as do The Fratellis, and both bands are perfect to run to.

Barefoot running

If you feel like your running has been restricted by too much tech, strip it back and try running barefoot along soft land, such as a beach. Always run in areas where you can see where you are treading and on as flat a surface as possible to keep safe and injury-free. Not only will barefoot running give you back that feeling of freedom many runners first experience when they take up running, recent findings also suggest that running barefoot can help you to avoid injury and can promote a correct running posture. Also, another perk to running barefoot is that some parts of your body become stronger, such as your calves, feet and ankles.


Blogging is a fantastic way to record your progress, share your running wisdom and boost your running motivation. Your blog can be about anything, from how to perfect your running technique to funny signs, people or places that you saw on your run. Photos always work well on blogs, so if you have a camera on your phone it can be good to carry it in a running pouch so that you can capture your run and share it with the world.  Over time, you’ll find that you will have followers who read your blogs regularly and this may be all you need to help boost your running motivation. You can read some runners’ blogs here and start your own today.

Short and sweet

If you’ve lost your love for running, try shorter sessions. Sometimes sprint sessions, interval training or fartlek training can help even the most reluctant runner get back out there. You’ll find that these shorter sessions energise you and being able to let loose and run as fast as you can is an exciting way to blast away the stresses of the day and get back your passion for running.


There are thousands of running apps on the market; some will promise to turn you into the next Ussain Bolt whilst others are just for fun. One of the best running apps on the market is the Nike+ GPS. You can add your friends and monitor how many miles they’re logging each week and how fast they’re running, you can record your own distance, pace and time, as well as hitting the power song button when you’re feeling your power and drive ebb.

Take a break

If you want to revitalise your run, sometimes the best thing to do is take a break. If you don’t want to stop exercising all together, you should cross-train. You could try to take up swimming, cycling or dancing; anything that excites you and that you are keen to try out. Then once you are ready to start running again, not only will you be revitalised and motivated to run, you will find you might be faster or stronger because the cross-training has built up different areas of your body. Remember, cross-training is important if you want to improve your running, so don’t give up when you go back to training regularly and make sure you fit in the odd cross-training session now and again. 

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  • RUTHMILLAR 'Like these tips and will probably try to use some of them when I finally go outside to jog this year. At the minute I am using the treadmill and NHS 5k plus app. I am 62 and just took up jogging after I retired and have done some 5k for charity and am doing 1 again this year. I really enjoy it and it is a way of losing weight and getting fitter. Will keep you posted how I get on.'

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