A to Z of fitness terms

Our essential A-Z guide to fitness and exercise terms

The world of health and fitness sometimes seems to have a language of its own — so we've compiled this essential A-Z of fitness terms to help your understanding.

Any time that you come across a term that you’re unfamiliar with, simply use our A-Z of fitness terms to get a straightforward description.

How does the realbuzz A-Z of fitness work?

Using the A-Z of fitness couldn’t be easier. Each term is listed in alphabetical order, followed by its abbreviation (if any), the category that it best fits into, and a concise description. Any terms that have multiple names are cross-referenced. There are five categories:

  1. Body parts. Muscles and bones — for example ‘hamstring’.
  2. Exercise equipment. Fitness gear or clothing — for example ‘stability ball’.
  3. Activities. Sports and exercises — for example ‘Pilates’.
  4. Exercise techniques. Training terms — for example ‘interval training’.
  5. Other technical exercise terms. Terms that do not fit into the above categories.

Simply click on the links below to go to appropriate sections of the A-Z:

  1. A — Fitness A-Z
  2. B — Fitness A-Z
  3. C — Fitness A-Z
  4. D — Fitness A-Z
  5. E — Fitness A-Z
  6. F — Fitness A-Z
  7. G — Fitness A-Z
  8. H — Fitness A-Z
  9. I — Fitness A-Z
  10. J — Fitness A-Z
  11. K — Fitness A-Z
  12. L — Fitness A-Z
  13. M — Fitness A-Z
  14. N — Fitness A-Z
  15. O — Fitness A-Z
  16. P — Fitness A-Z
  17. Q — Fitness A-Z
  18. R — Fitness A-Z
  19. S — Fitness A-Z
  20. T — Fitness A-Z
  21. U — Fitness A-Z
  22. V — Fitness A-Z
  23. W — Fitness A-Z
  24. X — Fitness A-Z
  25. Y — Fitness A-Z
  26. Z — Fitness A-Z

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