Abseiling in the UK

Adventure activities in the UK

Who says the only way is up? Not so, abseiling is an adventure activity that tests your nerve with every inch that you descend. From tall cliffs to indoor towers, you can make abseiling as challenging as you like in a huge variety of settings. That’s if you have the courage to make that first step over the edge. It’s the bread and butter of any serious climber. For the rest of us it’s a great opportunity to test our nerves and our head for heights while attached to a very skinny piece of rope.

Who can go abseiling?

If hanging around is your thing then this is for you. A basic level of fitness is useful but there are no special requirements and all the equipment you need is provided. The great thing about abseiling is that you can take it at your own pace, whatever your physical capacity. Safety is paramount and sessions will include any training necessary to make it a happy landing. Whatever your level of courage or technical skill there are dozens of different abseiling opportunities around the country. Check with organisers about the sort of experiences they offer. Age limits vary between organisers so check before booking.

Where can I go abseiling?

With so many locations you are spoilt for choice. There are over 400 indoor climbing walls in the UK these will offer one-off activities, advanced training and other types of vertical mischief. You might have a particular challenge that you’d like to try. For the adventurous, there are organisers all over the UK with their own specific challenges, from sea cliffs to tall bridges. Why not try doing something really special? There are lots of exotic places abroad that can be explored by abseiling, like the Waitomo Caves in New Zealand.

How much will it cost?

Look to spend about £15 for a basic introduction. Allow roughly two hours. It’s a good idea to book as a group as you can save a substantial amount, especially if booking day sessions. Expect to pay about £50 for a whole day of abseiling as part of a group of eight. You’ll spend more time swinging around and learn about the finer points of safely suspending yourself. For the really keen, one-to-one tuition will set you back roughly £160 per day. Another idea is to look for late offers as some operators slash prices on unfilled places. All operators should carry public liability insurance and provide you with any necessary equipment.

The charity challenge

Alternatively, you could choose to go through a charity. Not only will you have the time of your life, you will also be able to raise lots of cash for a worthy cause. If you do want to experience abseiling with a charity, it is more than likely, the charity will already have packages available. This will then save you the hassle of making all the arrangements.

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