Ageing gracefully versus plastic fantastic

12 February 2013

In our wide-ranging survey of young women's attitudes to health, fitness and lifestyle, we at uncovered that an overwhelming 80 per cent of 18-35 year olds in the UK believe it’s better to age gracefully than go under the knife. The figures of celebrities such as Kelly Brook, Holly Willoughby and Victoria Pendleton were preferable to those of ‘plastic fantastic’ stars like Katie Price.

One in three 18-35 year olds surveyed feel they would look better if they lost between half to one stone. However they are motivated to do this through their fitness regime. Read on for the top tips to get in shape like Kelly, Holly and Victoria. For the full survey, click here.


Kelly’s natural curves and toned waist are the envy of women everywhere. If you’re dreaming of a shapely figure like Kelly’s, here are our top tips for getting the body you want.

Kelly Brook


Get boobs like Kelly

Kelly is well-known for her perfect curves. While you may not be as naturally blessed in the breast department, the good news is even the most flat-chested of girls can create a cleavage to be proud of. To make the most of your curves like Kelly, check out these 10 tips for better boobs.

Work-out like Kelly

Not a fan of the gym? Join the club! Kelly recently admitted that she takes an alternative approach to getting fit, with her fitness regime involving plenty of sex. To get the most of those hot cardio workouts, check out the top sexercises for women.

Eat like Kelly

While Kelly may be drop-dead gorgeous, she still takes a down-to-earth approach to her diet. A true Essex girl, Kelly is happy to state she’s not thin and she doesn’t believe in starving herself. Here are some tips on how to get the body you dream of without depriving yourself.

Get skin like Kelly

Kelly’s glowing skin is no accident – the model and actress takes care of her skin with regular exfoliation. To emulate her glow try a body polish, which encourages new cell growth and healthier skin. Here’s our guide to body polishing and finding a body polishing therapist.


Yummy mummy Holly is an inspiration for naturally curvy ladies everywhere. To recreate her gorgeous glow and shapely figure, here are our top tips.

Holly Willoughby


Get a bum like Holly

A naturally curvy lady, Holly is 100 per cent hourglass. To look after your curves like Holly, here is our guide to making sure your bottom is peachy perfect.

Work out like Holly

Mum of two Holly looks just as fab now as she did before her babies. Here is our guide to setting post-pregnancy goals and getting your body back in shape.

Eat like Holly

While Holly may be blessed with beautiful skin, the presenter has admitted that a night on white wine can leave her looking 10 years older. How can you recreate her usual glowing look if your skin is not so quick to bounce back?  Here are our top 10 detox foods.

Get skin like Holly

A natural beauty, Holly is regularly seen out and about without any make-up.  While this is not a look for the faint-hearted, we have some top tips for ensuring you can ditch your make-up and still look hot.


After her inspiring performance in the Olympics, many ladies have been left dreaming of obtaining a figure like the gold medal-winning cyclist. If you’re angling after Victoria’s figure, here are our top tips. 

Victoria Pendleton


Get legs like Victoria

Victoria has got the UK’s most celebrated legs – thanks to her Olympic gold winning sprint.  To get shapely thighs to rival a world-class athlete, here is our guide to fabulous thighs.

Work out like Victoria

Olympic gold winner Victoria has been an ambassador for her sport and her fantastic body reveals the results of her hard work. Fancy getting in shape track training like a pro? Here’s how you can follow in Victoria’s footsteps.

Eat like Victoria

As a professional athlete, Victoria knows the foods her body needs to keep her as active as her career and lifestyle demands.  Whether you’re an athlete or a casual exerciser, we’ve compiled the best exercise foods to keep you on the go.

Get hair like Victoria

Lucky Victoria not only has a gorgeous body, she’s now been snapped up by Pantene to promote their haircare thanks to her enviable locks. To get shiny, strong and slinky hair like Victoria, here are the best foods for healthy hair.

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