Aqua aerobics

Aerobic workout in water

Aqua aerobics is an umbrella term for all kinds of fitness classes that take place in water. Aqua aerobics have got a bit of a reputation as being only suitable for pregnant women and old ladies – but this is far from the case. While the water does provide a supportive environment and minimizes the impact of exercise on the joints, it also provides resistance to every move you make – so even marching on the spot in water is harder than it would be on land. Aqua aerobics is also a good option for those returning to fitness after an injury,

Some aqua classes take the standard aerobics format and use music, while others are more akin to circuit training classes, where you move from one exercise to another with a short rest period between each.

CV fitness rating High
Strength rating Moderate
Flexibility rating Moderate
Challenge rating Dependent on class format and intensity.
Complexity rating Low
Benefits The water keeps you cool, and the fact that you are immersed can be a plus if you are self-conscious about your body.

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