Balloon stomp

Get fit by bursting balloons!

This game is awesome fun and it will have you laughing for hours! It's a great way of working up a sweat and getting the family exercised. All you need are some inflated balloons and some string.

  1. Start by giving everyone in the game one inflated balloon attached to a 1m length of string.
  2. Each person should use the string to tie the balloon around one of their ankles. Make sure everyone has left a length of string between their foot and the balloon.
  3. Now for the fun part! Get everyone to spread out in a large open space and start the game by shouting ’Go!’.
  4. Get stomping! The object of the game is to stomp on everyone else's balloons and pop them without getting your own balloon popped.
  5. The last person with an un-popped balloon wins!
  6. Repeat until you either run out of balloons or more likely run out of energy!

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