Best dance workout videos

Top instructional videos for dance fitness

Dancing exercise offers a fun and sociable way of getting your body fit and healthy. However, before you jump straight into dance training, you might want to take a look at one of the many dance workout videos out there, offering advice on routines and steps. Here’s the guide to some fun dance workout DVDs for beginners …

Dance Floor Workout

Set to original music videos, the 22 workouts on this dance DVD contain a number of energetic routines, from disco dancing through to 80s power ballad bops. The list of diverse artists includes Sister Sledge, D:Ream, Chaka Khan, All Saints, The Communards, and the Sugababes. With models demonstrating steps and routines alongside the music, this release offers fun and informal exercise sessions. It’s great for group dancing with friends or family members and is sure to bring some light and laughter into your dance training.

You Can Belly Dance! Absolute Beginner Belly Dance

Ever fancied belly dancing but been too daunted to attend formal lessons? Now’s your chance to overcome your fears and learn some great moves. This dance workout DVD teaches viewers two simple belly dancing routines. The first is a fluid, slow dance set to traditional belly dancing rhythms. The second is a percussive dance, set to the beat of a drum solo. With clearly marked, step-by-step sections detailing basic steps and ways to weave them together, your belly dancing skills will build up in no time. If nothing else, it’ll provide some good exercise along with a bellyful of laughs!

10 Minute Solution – Fat Blasting Latin Dance Mix

If you lead a busy lifestyle but still want to enjoy the many fitness benefits of dance, this workout DVD could be the one for you. Designed to offer a daily 10-minute workout, the five hot Latin dance routines on this video are compact and efficient enough to squeeze into the busiest schedule. Backed by swinging Latin beats, top fitness instructor Stella Sandoval is on-hand to guide viewers through routines that workout different areas of the body. There’s never been a better time to boost your bodily fitness with the aid of Latin dance …

The Ballet Workout

An oldie but a goody, this one. Recently re-released on DVD, Melissa Lowe’s classic workout video teaches viewers how to optimize bodily fitness through the skill and beauty of ballet dance. If you want to tone or strengthen your muscles this could be the perfect workout DVD for you, with floor and barre (chair) exercises complementing varying difficulty levels. If you’ve never tried ballet before but fancy giving it a good shot, this DVD could provide an ideal start.

I Hate to Exercise, I Love to Tap

Another golden great recently unearthed by a new generation, this workout DVD offers tap dancing beginners a series of great exercise workouts. Presented by the evergreen Bonnie Franklin, the DVD starts from scratch, with clear demonstrations following. Franklin introduces step counting and dance timing right from the outset, whilst the tap music – provided by a proper jazz trio – is hard to resist. If you fancy trying out some fun tap dancing exercise or simply want to supplement your existing classes, I Hate to Exercise, I Love to Tap should provide the dance workout for you.

Learn to Dance the Argentine Tango

Said to be the best tango product on the market, this workout DVD features top tango expert Bianca Vrcan as she guides viewers through the basic moves of this popular dance. With expensive production values, a range of camera shots and crisp instructions, the video offers various routines to the tango beginner, from the basic steps upwards. Vrcan does not go too fast for the beginner, yet doesn’t talk down to them either. It all adds up to a polished and well-presented product which is perfect for starting out in dance fitness.

The Bollywood Dance Workout

If you fancy getting your body fit and healthy through a new and playful dance then this Bollywood workout DVD could be what you’re after. It offers viewers an informal introduction to India Bhangra dance moves, with cardio movements, belly dance squats and floor work on display. Set to pounding instrumental beats, this is an energizing DVD with a friendly instructor willing to treat you as a fun-loving beginner.

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