Best health apps for women

Incredible apps all women need to download

Technology gets a bad rep. We are constantly bombarded with stories and stats that tell us that our tech habits are ruining our sleep, our ability to communicate and generally ruining our life. Here we show you how technology can improve your life though, making you a healthier and happier person.

MyFitnessPal - Free

If you want to lose some weight then this app is for you. The MyFitnessPal app allows you to log anything you’ve eaten and clock up the amount of calories you’ve consumed. You can also log all of the exercise you’ve managed to fit in that day and check whether the food you are eating actually contains the amount of calories you think it does.  

Look Better Naked - £1.49

Been hiding from the mirror? Dreading to bear all on the beach? Then get into shape with the Look Better Naked app, which promises to transform your body in just six weeks. This app provides you with workouts that target those problem areas women hate, gives you email reminders to help boost your motivation, and sends you tips and progress reports. What more could a girl ask for?

Best health apps for women

iPregnancy - £2.39

When you find out you’re pregnant your life gets turned upside down and it can be difficult to get organised. This is where the iPregnancy app comes into its element. You can log key appointments, use the due date calculator to work out when you can expect your baby, receive a 3-D ultrasound picture of your baby, analyse how much weight a person of your size should put on during your pregnancy and browse through the top 100 baby names from the previous year. This app actually offers you more than we can mention so if you or someone you know is pregnant check it out.

Swap It, Don’t Stop It – Free

Not eating the foods you love and going on endless diets is no fun, but if you download this health app you can say goodbye to denying yourself foods you enjoy. The Swap It, Don’t Stop It app lets you find the food you are craving and then provides you with tasty and healthy alternatives. You can also create a shopping list, earn badges and create an ingredient planner to help you make healthier food choices. 

iStep Log - Free

A study published in the Lancet conducted a study that measured people’s activity levels and shockingly found that a third of adults are not active enough. The study also found that people’s poor activity levels lead to 5.3 million deaths every year. If you want to combat these shocking health stats download the iStep Log. This handy app measures how much physical activity you have done during the day and will help you judge whether you need to do more exercise.

Smoothie Recipes - Free

A smoothie feels like a treat, but with the right ingredients they can be healthy and packed full of great nutrients and antioxidants. The Smoothie Recipes app provides you with 100 simple recipes and will provide you with endless inspiration for exotic and tasty smoothie recipes. From the standard banana berry smoothie to the Asian pear and strawberry recipe, this app has everything you need to get more smoothies in your life.

iPeriod - Free

When Mother Nature comes calling it can catch you unawares, but this iPeriod app will make sure you’re always ready because it predicts your future 12 period dates. This amazing app also tracks your symptoms and moods, gives you reminders of when you should examine your breasts and even tells you when you are most fertile. Although there are other apps out there that offer similar services, the visual calendar and pretty skin allow you to personalise this app and make it something you enjoy using.

Cardiograph - £1.49

If you’re already into keeping fit chances are you’ll have heard of a heart rate monitor. You might even have considered buying one, but then realised that they can cost a fortune. If you’re interested in using a heart rate monitor to improve your performance but don’t want to pay the hefty price for this piece of kit, you will love the Cardiograph app. Not only does the app allow you to measure you heart rate, you can save your results to track your progress. At £1.49 this is worth trying out if you’ve ever considered buying a heart rate monitor. 

Big White Wall – Free for some, £24 per month for others

Feeling a little low? Boost your mood and get some support with the Big White Wall app, which is an award winning online mental wellbeing service. You can take part in some talk therapy, have access to councillors 24/7 and read articles that are full of tips to help you feel a little better. This app is perfect if you feel a little blue or stressed and need someone to listen. 

Feel like downloading some more apps? Here are 5 that will improve your life.

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