Body conditioning

Improve muscular endurance through body conditioning

The focus of a body conditioning class – variations of which include ‘sculpt’, ‘legs’, ‘body tone’ and so on – is to improve muscular endurance rather than burn lots of calories. Set to music, the moves in a body conditioning class tend to be simple, slow and controlled, and will probably use tools such as resistance bands or light hand weights. Most body conditioning classes start with standing moves and then move on to the floor.

While this type of class will improve muscular endurance, it won’t really build much strength, as the weights used simply aren’t heavy enough. It’s best to combine body conditioning with aerobic exercise if your goal is to lose weight.

CV fitness rating Low
Strength rating Moderate
Flexibility rating Moderate
Challenge rating Low
Complexity rating Low
Benefits Body conditioning is a good place to start if you are very out of condition and all the jumping around of aerobics doesn’t appeal! It also introduces you to the basics of strength training exercises and techniques.

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