Punch and kick yourself fit

Boxercise and kickboxercise are derivatives of boxing and kickboxing and use the drills and techniques of their respective sports in a non-contact setting, usually in the form of a circuit. For example, you might find yourself shadowboxing, skipping, using punch bags or teaming up with a partner to punch or kick focus pads. Both are considered one of the best all-round high intensity exercise classes to get you in great shape.

One study found that people felt more calm, more focused and less anxious after a kickboxing class. Taking out all that aggression on a punch bag can therefore be a great stress reliever!

CV fitness rating High
Strength rating High
Flexibility rating Moderate
Challenge rating Moderate to high
Complexity rating Moderate
Benefits Boxercising and kickboxercising are good introductions to the techniques involved in boxing and martial arts – and it’s empowering to know how to punch properly!


Be vigilant with your technique, as locking your knees and elbows during kicks and punches can lead to injury. Ask the instructor for technique advice.

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