Caving as an extreme sport

An extreme sport to try out

Caving is the sport of exploring caves — which is sometimes referred to as ‘spelunking’. It often requires climbing or crawling through narrow gaps and the use of ropes to negotiate drops. Exploring vertical caves is often referred to as ‘potholing’.

man walking into a cave

Who is caving suitable for?

Some caves can be explored quite easily on foot with a guide, and so they can be suitable for children — but deeper caves are best left to over-16s. A fair degree of fitness is required, as some of the routes can be physically challenging and involve climbing.

Risk factors of caving

Caves can be dangerous places and should not be entered without a guide or extensive experience. Risks include falling, flooding, physical exhaustion and hypothermia. Helmets should be worn along with suitable clothing and ropes are used for descending or ascending difficult parts.

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