Choosing who to run for as a charity runner

How do you decide which charity to run for?

Having trouble picking a charity to run for? Check out these top charity selection tips and you'll have found the perfect charity for your running challenge in no time.

If you are lucky enough to have secured your own place in a popular running event, this means the cost to the charity you opt to run for will be minimal. Charities often have to buy their own race event places, so anything that you are able to raise for them will a bonus.

Running for charity is generating an increasing amount for charities year on year, both from runners who have their own places, and also from those who opt to take up a place that the charity have secured for themselves. But with so many worthy charities, how do you decide which charity to run for?

When making this choice, consider some of the points below – each will help you get that decision right so that you run for a charity that is as right for you as you are for them.

  • Ask yourself if you have a real affinity with a particular charity and how much you know about their work. You'll be more committed if you know how important their work is.

  • Go for a cause that is close to your heart. It may be that you have personal or family reasons why you should run for this particular cause..

  • If you'd like to run with someone that you already know then it may make sense to team up together and run for the same charity.

  • Make sure the cause is one that you do know about and feel strongly about as this will make it easier for you to persuade people to donate to your fundraising.

Remember, whatever charity you choose, it is not always guaranteed that they will be able to offer you a place, so keep in mind alternative causes that could be your fall-back option should you not get a place with your first charity option. Best of luck.

If you want to take part in an event for charity or need a backup option for your main charity, why not check out our charity challenges section? All the charities would love your fundraising support, so get involved and make a difference.

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