Circuit training

Aerobic exercise and strength training combined

Circuit training involves a number of exercises – or ‘stations’ – which are performed one after the other, with a short rest in between. The whole exercise circuit is usually repeated a few times. Exercises vary, but tend to include aerobic exercises such as shuttle runs, star jumps and burpees, along with strength moves such as push-ups, squats and lunges.

The nature of a circuit training class means that, rather than raising your heart rate and keeping it high for the duration of the class, it gives you more of an ‘interval training’ effect, where you mix intense bursts of activity with recovery periods. It is a very effective way of improving aerobic fitness.

CV fitness rating High
Strength rating High
Flexibility rating Moderate
Challenge rating Moderate to high
Complexity rating Low
Benefits Good for working at your own level while still benefiting from the motivation of the class environment. Plus the moves aren’t done in time to music – so there’s no need to have a complete sense of rhythm!

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