Climb Mount Everest

An inspiring experience

It takes physical excellence and first-class climbing ability and knowledge to climb Mount Everest, but who's not going to be impressed with someone who can say they’ve climbed the world’s largest mountain?

Add climbing Mount Everest - the world's largest mountain - to your list of things to do before you die

How to climb Mount Everest

Preparation is the key. Start training immediately and sign up to mountaineering and climbing courses. You need a minimum of two or three years of regular practice climbs in high alpine terrain, including other climbing conditions, such as night and ice climbs. There are plenty of dangers faced when climbing to the 29,028ft (8.8km) summit. These include severe injury, disease, and death by avalanche, crevasse falls, exhaustion, dehydration, frostbite, pneumonia, dysentery and hundreds of other hazards. Perhaps this should be last on the list?

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