Commuting to and from work

Healthy journeys to work

When you get outside, take a few deep breaths. Okay, so you might be standing on a gridlocked street, but at least it’s outdoors! For a really cleansing, energizing breath, inhale for three seconds, hold for three seconds and then exhale for as long as you can. Repeat this four to six times.

Commuting to and from work

Whether you drive home or use public transport, try to fit in a walk before you begin your journey home. Otherwise you are simply going from one seat to another. Consider walking to a station or bus stop further away from work, and if at all possible, choose a route that takes you through some green space, such as a leafy square, a park, church or canal path. Research shows that the power of nature is incredibly nurturing and rejuvenating and that we have an inbuilt need to ‘experience’ the natural world on a daily basis.

Fit in a walk before you begin your journey home for a healthier commute

People who walk, cycle or run to work often say how much they appreciate their journey as a way of creating a divide between work and home. If your commuting distance allows it, consider giving it a go.

Out and about after work

If you are going out straight from work, rehydrate yourself with a large glass of water before you go. If you are going to be drinking alcohol, don’t do so on an empty stomach. Lunch time was probably five or six hours ago, so you definitely need a snack if you won’t be dining. Opt for something carbohydrate-based, with a little fat and protein. Good choices include a carton of yogurt and a piece of fruit, a bagel and peanut butter, a handful of dried fruit and nuts or a sandwich.

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