Corporate charity challenges and making the most of them

10 tips to maximise your enjoyment of a corporate charity challenge

Combining a corporate challenge with charity fundraising can be a rewarding experience in itself, but how else can you make the most out of your experience? Read on to find out ...

Be physically prepared for your challenge

Depending on the event, the harder they are the more you will need to train beforehand. Simply put, the more you train and the better prepared you are, the more you will enjoy the event. It's likely that your challenge provider will give you some tips and training advice so that you have the opportunity to be fully prepared for whatever challenge awaits you.

Get kitted out for your challenge

Having the correct gear is a must for both your comfort and safety. If you are on a trekking event, you will need to bring gear like boots, waterproofs, etc. If you are cycling, then maybe bring your own bike helmet, padded shorts/gel saddle and gloves and perhaps bike. Don't make the mistake of wearing new gear that you haven't tested before, for example; new boots.

Make your challenge sponsorship worthy

Do not choose an event that is not considered sponsorship worthy. If people consider that your challenge amounts to little more than a holiday jaunt they may be less reluctant to sponsor you. Choose a challenge for which you will be expected to commit to undertake training and preparation to complete the challenge.

Have a fundraising plan

Don't enter a corporate challenge without some idea of how you are going to raise the required funds. It may be that your company may stump up a large proportion of the funds, but you may also need to have your own fundraising plan so you can raise at least the minimum sponsorship required to prevent you having to fund the trip yourself.

Pay the cost of the event yourself

Another option you have is to pay the cost of participation yourself so everything you raise in sponsorship over and above the cost of the event will go directly to the charity. This gives you the option of making up any shortfall out of your own pocket if your fundraising does not go totally plan. In effect, in exchange for the experience you are stumping up some of the costs yourself - not a bad trade off really.

Involve yourself in teamwork

Corporate challenges are usually about teamwork, so get the most of your experience by fully buying into the teamwork ethic. Regardless of if you are the fittest or weakest, everyone has something to offer the team whether its brawn or brains. Working at a pace to suit the slowest may be the way it has to be so there's no point getting frustrated about it.

Extend your trip after the event

If you are on an overseas trip, it may be that you want to extend your stay. In some circumstances it is possible to make changes to your return date, but this may be at the discretion of the airline. There may be a fee for changing this, and if the change of date results in a more expensive ticket, you will also be required to pay the difference.

Meet your team beforehand

If your challenge places you with fellow employees who may not necessarily be within your department, it's possible you may not even know them. The logical step is to meet up with them and prepare for your challenge together so that you are not just thrust together during the challenge itself.

Team up according to ability or ambition

If you are going to participate in a challenge and take it very seriously then you may want to be placed with people with the same ambition. Alternatively, you may just want to team up with a group of people of mixed ability who prefer to take things a little less seriously and therefore make the experience a little less intense but nonetheless enjoyable.

Enjoy your corporate challenge!

You've likely put a lot of effort into preparing for and fundraising for your challenge that maybe you've forgotten that it is meant to be a fun experience. By all means take it seriously if you wish, but enjoy it too, as it is unlikely that you're going to be participating in an event like this too frequently ... unless you really get hooked.

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