Spinning class but on a rowing machine!

CrewClass is like spinning, but with a rowing machine instead of a bike! So it’s a group class in which an instructor leads and motivates you through a ‘virtual’ rowing trip. Rowing is low-impact but highly aerobic – using most of the body’s major muscle groups, including the bottom, legs, back and shoulders. It’s also good for posture and for flattening the stomach – provided you use good technique.

The good thing about rowing in CrewClass is that you will get technique advice and motivation from the instructor, and there is a nice sense of camaraderie from rowing in a group.

CV fitness rating High
Strength rating Moderate
Flexibility rating Moderate
Challenge rating Moderate to high
Complexity rating Low
Benefits You can work entirely to your own level while still feeling part of the class – so it’s suitable for all abilities.

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