Cross-training for runners

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Cross-training allows the runner to train in other activities which put different strains on different areas of the body. Cross-training is a great option for those recovering from a running injury but also allows runners to inject some variety into their training. Read on to find out how cross-training can help your running ...

It is fair to say that there is there no real substitite for improving your running other than by running. Essentially, if you want to improve your speed in running and your endurance, you will need focus your training on running.

However, those for whom exceptional performance in just running is not their sole goal can benefit from cross-training. And don't forget that top athletes do use cross-training to maintain aerobic fitness, especially when coming back from an injury which prevents them from running.

Consider the questions below:

1. Are you bored with your current training regime?

2. Have you suffered any exercise related injuries recently?

3. Do you miss out stretching and rarely find time to relax after your exercise regime?

4. Apart from running, the other two most common activities for cross-training (in aerobic fitness) is cycling and swimming. Do you like these activities?

5. Do you feel like being more challenged in your training?

6. Do you want to feel stronger? Do you suffer with poor posture or back ache? Do you want to keep your bones strong and healthy?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions then cross-training could really help. It helps make you a more rounded exerciser and balances your training. Why not look at your training now and consider how much cross-training will be beneficial to you and to your running in the long run.

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