Cross-training shoes guide

Buying the right shoes for cross-training

Recent developments have led to the creation of an all-purpose sports shoe, designed to help runners who also partake in other forms of cross-training. Often lighter in weight to suit a number of exercises, these running and cross-training shoes are increasingly becoming popular options. Here's the quick realbuzz guide to cross-training shoes.

Recently, there has been a movement away from specialist running shoes to an all-purpose shoe for all types of run. This so called cross-trainer is at home either running on the roads or down at the gym. As with all things though, there are compromises on the cushioning and grip, as it has to be made to do everything. This is not to say that cross-trainers are poor performers it just means they are a slight compromise if you need a single pair to do everything.

The grip is normally based on a road running shoe with minimal tread and grip. But the surface area of the shoe is often larger, to give increased stability and grip. Sometimes this can lead to the shoe feeling a little flat when running, but they still offer good cushioning compared to non-running shoes.

Cross-trainer designs are often based on road running shoes, using white or light colours to convey the impression of lightness in weight. In addition to the cushioning and grip of the shoes, they are also built to offer a good amount of lateral support.

This is because they are designed to for use in sports that involve sideways movement as well as straight line running. This means you can use the shoes to run to the gym, weight training or aerobics classes knowing that the lateral support is adequate.

If you are going to do lots of running as part of your training, then it is advisable to go for a specialist running shoe, but if you are only doing a few jogs a week and then other forms of training then the cross-trainer might suit you well. They won’t be suitable for off-road use, especially in the wet or when it is slippy.

Think of cross trainers as the perfect all rounder, a decathlete in fact, great at lots of things but not world class in anything specific.

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