Dance yourself fit

While it’s not strictly a fitness class, dance has permeated onto so many gym studios and fitness timetables that it cannot be ignored! The common factor of dance-based fitness classes is that they are derived from the pure form rather than being a lesson in it. In other words, ballet sculpt class won’t teach you to be a ballerina, and salsaerobics won’t give you the necessary skills to take to the floor like a dance champion! What they will do, though, is give you a taste of the benefits of dance and appeal of the ‘real thing’.

Dance classes are a lot of fun and tend to be very sociable – plus the high concentration factor means you’ll hardly be aware that you are doing a ‘workout’. On the downside, though, you won’t actually get much of a workout if you spend half the class trying to figure out which way to spin or how to shimmy. That said, there are so many different types of dance to try that you are sure to get the hang of one of them.

CV fitness rating Moderate
Strength rating Low
Flexibility rating Moderate
Challenge rating Moderate
Complexity rating High
Benefits Good coordination and rhythm – plus lots of fun! A good confidence-builder.


Don’t get stuck in a rut once you find a class that you like. It might be a challenge for you now, but if you are still doing it in a year’s time, without having increased the intensity (such as the weight you use, the height of your step or the amount of effort you put in), then your fitness will hit a plateau and you may not derive any more benefits.

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