Dive with sharks

An inspiring experience

Sharks may not have the cuddly reputation that dolphins have, but diving with sharks comes in at number three down to their own unique charm.

Get an adrenaline rush by diving with sharks

Seeing the ocean’s top predator cruise towards you underwater is sure to make your heart beat a thousand times faster. No extreme sport beats the adrenaline rush of diving with sharks.

How to dive with sharks

Cage diving with great white sharks is amazing, the best swimming with sharks experience is off the Cocos Island. Located in Costa Rica, 350 miles (563km) off the Pacific Coast; this is one of the best places for shark activity. Here you will see hundreds of schooling hammerhead sharks cruising in to be cleaned by smaller fish at this offshore mount. The waters here also play home to other top marine creatures, including manta rays, whales and dolphins. You need to have a good diving experience and be prepared to pay out a lot of cash to for a diving liveaboard trip.

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