Eight out of ten women aged 18-35 would love to look like ‘heffer’ Kelly

12 February 2013

Women aged 18-35 in the UK overwhelmingly reject plastic surgery, as 80 of women believe it’s better to age gracefully than go under the knife.

Celebrity bodies such as Kelly Brook’s were preferable to those of ‘plastic fantastic’ stars like Katie Price, reveals research compiled by health and fitness website realbuzz.com of 2,000 British women.

Size 10 Kelly may have been called a ‘heffer’ at the weekend by Katie, but her wholesome and healthy looks, together with those of celebrities such as Victoria Pendleton and Holly Willoughby, are clearly the biggest inspirations for today’s women.

There are also role models aplenty in their real lives of 18-35 year olds, with one in two women naming their own mums as inspiration and six out of ten stating their friends look better with age.

Striving for the perfect figure, one in three 18-35 year olds feel they would look better if they lost between half to one stone.  However they are motivated to do this naturally, either embarking on or maintaining their regular fitness regime.

Positively, one in ten were so confident in their natural body shape, they did not feel they had to lose any weight.

This realistic approach to body image is also reflected in attitudes to ageing.  More than three-quarters of 18-35 year olds surveyed adopt an anti-ageing beauty regime to maintain their appearance naturally. However, despite growing up in the age of the quick fix, only 2 per cent currently use  surgical injections such as Botox.

81 per cent of those aged 18-35 believe beauty and body confidence comes from within, with their priorities for the next five years being: happy in their love life (30 per cent), achieve a better work-life balance (18 per cent), and to lose weight (18 per cent).

Kirstie McIntosh, realbuzz.com’s Healthy Living Editor comments: “At a time when women are constantly scrutinised for the way they look, it’s refreshing to see women adopt simple diet and fitness steps to look and feel good.  In place of bowing to quick-fix pressure, they are actually seeking realistic role models – be it celebrated curvy beauties like Kelly Brook or their very own mums.”

To get the inside track on Kelly, Victoria and Holly’s health and beauty tips visit www.realbuzz.com.


NORTH WEST - Happiest with their shape and size (12 per cent don’t feel they should lose any weight)

SOUTH EAST - Biggest supporters of wholesome and healthy over ‘plastic fantastic’ (89 per cent prefer the former)

NORTHERN IRELAND - Biggest fans of their mums (58 per cent admire her looks) and biggest opponents of plastic surgery (88 per cent rather age gracefully and 0 per cent use botox)

NORTH EAST - UK’s Botox capital (five per cent currently use it as part of their routine)

EAST MIDLANDS – Have the highest standards (71 believe it’s never justifiable to let yourself go)

SOUTH WEST - Happiest to let themselves go (45 per cent think it’s justified)

EAST ANGLIA - Have the best looking friends (56 per cent think their pals have got better with age)

LONDON - Most motivated to lose weight naturally (25 per cent dedicated to maintaining their regular fitness regime and 14 per cent keen to embark on one). Most open to having cosmetic surgery (21 per cent)

SCOTLAND - Have most weight to lose (39 per cent are targeting seven stone or more) and highest levels of body confidence (38 per cent are ‘fine’ with their weight, even if they consider themselves overweight)

WALES - Most critical of their friends’ looks (57 per cent think their mates have aged badly)

WEST MIDLANDS - Most sociable (18 per cent name widening social circle as main ambition within the next five years) 

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