Exercising with your partner or friends

The health benefits of exercising together

Enjoying a workout with your better half or your friends can be a great opportunity for some quality time together, even if you have different fitness levels.  We've compiled a list of the numerous benefits of exercising with family or friends.

The health benefits of exercising with your family or friends

Why you should exercise with others 1: Social benefits

Whether it’s just a sporting get-together or a social activity afterwards as well, you’re more likely to enjoy your session in the company of friends.

Why you should exercise with others 2: Quality time exercising

Nowadays, everyone is busy and rushing around and the opportunity to take a little quality time out should not be missed. A group workout that leaves you refreshed and relaxed is fantastically therapeutic.

Why you should exercise with others 3: Fun time through exercise

Training with a friend is good fun and the fun element of your exercise sessions should not be neglected. You may have some serious training goals but it is equally important to enjoy and bring laughter into your exercise routine.

Why you should exercise with others 4: Improving your exercise workout

Competition with your training partner is a sure-fire way to give you that extra edge to push that little bit harder or further. Whether you’re looking to chop a minute or two off your race times or you just want to be your best, the extra incentive that competition brings is certain to help you improve.

Why you should exercise with others 5: Motivation through group exercise

You know your partner or friends well, particularly their strengths and weaknesses so you are in a great position to capitalize on this knowledge and motivate them when you can see that the going is getting tough. They will appreciate your help because they know that your support is genuine. Also, the tables can be turned and you can benefit from their support as well.

Why you should exercise with others 6: Commitment to exercise

On those days when you’re not 100% sure if you want to tackle your planned workout, because you’ve made an ‘exercise date’ with your partner or friends, you’re far less likely to ditch the session. You will not want to let them down and it’s likely that once you start your training session together, you’ll be glad that you made the effort.

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