Eyre Highway, Australia

Eyre Highway road trips

Over 1,000 miles long, the Eyre Highway is the main road that connects South Australia with the south of Western Australia. It runs from Port Augusta in the east to Norseman in the west. The longest stretch – between Balladonia Roadhouse and Norsema – is 118 miles long, while the stretch of road between Caiguna Roadhouse and Balladonia Roadhouse is known as the ‘90-mile straight’, as it doesn’t feature a single bend!

The highway is named after the explorer John Eyre, who crossed the southern edge of the continent in 1841 on a grueling five-month trek – which unfortunately cost his companion’s life, and would have also cost his own if it weren’t for some Aborigines, who helped him locate water.

Why the Eyre Highway is special

The Eyre Highway is certainly one of those routes that you can go on to get away from it all – and although the western three quarters of the road is almost devoid of life, in the east you’ll still find some towns such as Kimba, Wudinna and Ceduna. Also, part of the route follows the rough coastline of the Great Australian Bight.

Along the route you will also find a number of roadhouses – with the average distance between them being over 50 miles. This means you shouldn’t underestimate the rigors of the journey on your own vehicle – and taking reserves of fuel and water is a must.

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