Finding the best place to swim

Choosing somewhere that suits your swimming fitness routine

It's important to choose a swimming environment that is right for your training plan and fitness routine. Here's our quick guide to finding the swimming pool that's best suited to you, depending on your ability and the kind of swimming you intend to do.

Where you choose to swim very much depends on your ability and your confidence. Being in a busy pool with experienced swimmers all around you, while you are being shown the absolute basics, may not be that good for you, but on the other hand you may not be bothered by it at all. For a swimmer with plenty of ability looking to improve, this may well be the right environment.

For absolute beginners and inexperienced swimmers, the best place to learn would be a quiet health club with few, if any, other swimmers around to distract and intimidate you. Look for the times when children are not allowed in. The presence of a handful of children enjoying their time in the water can transform your swimming session into a nightmare by ruining your concentration.

Some instructors have access to private swimming pools for their sessions. Make sure this is another question that you ask them when deciding who to work with, as it can make all the difference.

Woman lane swimming

Types of swimming pool

There are two very different types of swimming pool and without doubt the best for swimmers of all standards is the ‘deck pool’.

This is the type of pool in many of the new health clubs and gyms where the water goes to the top of the pool and empties into drains around the edge. The opposite is where the water is a few centimeters below the surface and has the drainage system built into the inner wall.

The deck pool replicates open water far more and allows for better freedom of movement. It feels less like you are fighting through the water, when you are swimming, and rather than you are on top of it with more momentum.

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