Fire walking

An inspiring experience

Walking on fire definitely earns kudos points and is sure to put a healthy glow on your face (well, on your feet anyway). Firewalking is real mind-over-matter stuff and a thing to try out before you leave this earth.

Add fire walking to your list of things to do before you die

How to do firewalking

Firewalking is basically walking on hot coals, rocks or ash without burning the soles of your feet. The practice is part of religious traditions in some cultures, such as India. New Age religion, particularly in the US, has also adopted the firewalk as a way to self-empower and motivate followers. Not burning your feet walking on hot coals may seem impossible. However, the theory is that the soles of feet won’t get burned if you travel quickly over the coals and that the fire is not too hot. Volcanic rock and certain wood embers are usually used, as their heat capacity is not too extreme.

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