Fitball/Swiss ball

Core training with a ball

Seen those oversized ‘beachballs’ knocking around at your gym? These are fitballs – also known as ‘Swiss balls’ – which were originally utilized in a physiotherapy environment for rehabilitation but are now widely used to improve people’s core stability, posture and muscle conditioning.

A fitball class will typically begin with a standard aerobics-style warm-up, using the ball as an accessory – but the main focus of the class will be on slower, more controlled body-conditioning moves, such as squats, push-ups, sit-ups and back extensions. The theory is that exercising on such an unstable surface will make your core stabilizing muscles work overtime.

CV fitness rating Low
Strength rating Moderate
Flexibility rating Moderate
Challenge rating Moderate
Complexity rating Moderate
Benefits Improved posture and core stability.

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