Five new ways to get fit in 2011

2011’s up-and-coming fitness crazes

Tired of the same old fitness routines? Check out our list of five new ways to get fit in 2011 for some of the up-and-coming workouts that will have you in tip-top shape and feeling great!

Budokan is a mixture of martial arts and yoga that is slowly taking hold of the fitness world. Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox swear by the Japanese art that hones the physical self by way of concentration of the mind and slow concise yoga and martial arts movements.

The workout aims to improve stamina, speed, agility and flexibility. On top of that, the meditation involved strengthens the inner mind. In one 90 minute session, you can shed around 800 calories, making this an all-over workout!

Originating from Latin dance styles, Zumba is a cardiovascular and aerobic exercise routine that infuses exercise with dance and choreography. The workout is alternates between fast-paced and slow-paced dance moves which are practiced in time to Latin rhythms. Among the dance form’s influences are salsa, hip-hop and rumba.

This South American workout tones the body through its use of resistance exercises which effectively amount to interval training due to the varying speeds at which they are carried out.

Zumba has gradually gained in popularity in the last decade, and is now at the point where worldwide sports centres are looking to offer classes.

Karaoke spinning
Looking to liven up your weekly spinning classes? Why not try the new fitness fad that is ‘karaoke spinning’ – essentially just the same as the original cardiovascular exercise routine, but with the added thrill of using what little air you have left in your lungs to yell out your favourite tunes at the top of your voice.

Burning around 750 calories an hour, this exercise workout is not only a great fat-burner, but also a community activity that doesn’t hold some of the same anti-social stigmas attached to solo exercise routines.

Kettlebell workouts
Can’t seem to shed those extra pounds gained during pregnancy? Why not try this little baby boomer of a workout? Perform squats and lunges while swinging the ‘kettlebell’ above your head, burning up to 1500 calories per session, making this a particularly worthwhile fitness remedy.

Essentially, you will be working on strengthening your core muscles and building up endurance. This will help you to improve your posture when carrying the little one around with you. The workouts are relatively short, coming in at around 10-30 minutes apiece.

Another popular workout with the stars, fans including Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Biel and Matthew McConaughey.

Burlesque dancing
Burlesque is a form of dance that aims to seduce its audience. A strenuous workout comprising of a series of flowing dance moves, burlesque has only recently become popular as a fitness workout.

Particularly popular with ladies, the dance routines tend to mock many other genres and styles of dance by way of the over-the-top, saucy fashion in which they are carried out.

The dance moves form part of a cardiovascular workout aimed at improving flexibility and dexterity.

So why not try one of these new fitness workouts – all are likely to popular, and all of which will help you shed those extra pounds as part of your New Year’s resolutions?

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  • RobTwoPointOh 'Kettlebells are great and until you have done a Tabata session with a 16 kg kettlebell you don't know what your maximum effort is. However I have moved on now and am a total convert to CrossFit ( and CrossFit Endurance ( I am currently using CFE to train for an Olympic Distance triathlon in 2012 and blogging my progress here on realbuzz ( and ( Follow me on twitter (@RobTwoPointOh)'

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