Essential outdoor clothing and equipment

There is a bewildering array of outdoors footwear available — but experienced retail staff will guide you to the right choice. Making sure you get the correct outdoor shoes and socks is a must if your experience isn’t to be ruined by ill-fitting or ill-suited outdoor footwear.


  • Not much can ruin your outdoor adventures more than the pain, discomfort, soreness and blisters caused by ill-fitting footwear — so make sure you spend plenty of time and money selecting good-fitting footwear that is suited to your activities.
  • We all have differently sized and shaped feet, so visit a reputable outdoor retailer who offers a specialist footwear fitting service.
  • Investing in good quality socks can be just as important as getting good boots or shoes, as socks offer padding for ‘impact’ areas of the feet as well as wicking sweat away from the feet in order to prevent blisters.

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