Fruit heads

Fun family game with fruit!

Fruit heads is a fun-packed family game for everyone to enjoy. It can be played by adults and kids on a campsite, on the beach, in the garden – wherever! All you need to play are two apples or other pieces of round fruit.

  1. Divide the players into two teams.

  2. Arrange the teams into two lines, and alternate the team members in each line so that they line up as boy, girl, boy, girl – and so on. Alternatively, you could arrange the team lines so that you have players of different heights stood next to each other.

  3. Give an apple to the first player of each team’s line.

  4. To start the game, shout ‘Go!‘.

  5. The first player must place the apple under his or her chin and, without using their hands, place it under the chin of the next player in line!

  6. If the apple gets dropped, or if anyone touches the apple with their hands, it must be returned to the start of the line!

  7. The winning team are the first team to pass the apple down the line to the last player.

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