G — Fitness A-Z

Fitness terms beginning with 'G'

Our A to Z of fitness terms should ensure you are well versed in all the jargon and other technical terms associated with fitness. Here’s all the fitness terms we have identified beginning with ‘G’…

Gait analysis, other technical term.
A service offered by some training shoe retailers for assessing your running or walking style using a treadmill, video playback and a foot sensitive pressure plate. From the information obtained, the most suitable type of training shoe and/or corrective insoles can be prescribed.

Global positioning system, (GPS), equipment.
A satellite tracking device that can track and pinpoint your position with extreme accuracy. Recently combined into watches and used to calculate speed and current pace for runners. Can be unreliable in wooded areas due to canopy cover and if training around high buildings, where the signal may be lost.

Gymnasium, (gym), other technical term.
A purpose-built facility for exercising, usually containing both cardiovascular and resistance training equipment.

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