Gallipoli (1981)

An inspirational running movie

Gallipoli is an inspirational and entertaining epic that is sure to make you want to go out and buy some new running gear so you can get back on track with your fitness.

Tagline: From a place you’ve never heard of, comes a story you'll never forget.

Gallipoli in a nutshell
Although it’s not a movie that focuses solely on running, Gallipoli nonetheless covers the story of a young Australian running star Archy (Mel Gibson) whose track career is interrupted by Australia’s entrance into World War I.

There are plenty of running scenes in the movie, including a great one near the beginning  that is accompanied by Jean Michel Jarre's great soundtrack. During the course of the Gallipoli campaign, the movie depicts Archy having to run messages through the trenches where how fast he runs becomes a matter of life and death. This movie is inspiring in that it shows what people can do in the face of adversity although be prepared for the sad ending.

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  • Lilith88 'Is that a tagline for the movie or did you make that up? Who hasn't heard of Gallipoli? 40,000 UK, Australian and New Zealand soldiers died there over 8 months... how can you not have heard of it? '

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