Get into the outdoors — part 2

Join an outdoor club, use the internet, or go on a course

Getting involved in outdoor activities in the great outdoors is relatively simple. There are a range of outdoor activity clubs and activity taster sessions and training courses for beginners so that you can get started in the great outdoors.

Here are’s top tips on getting started in the great outdoors without the need for any specialist knowledge or equipment … so read on and get out there!

Join an outdoor activity club!

  • One of the best ways to get into the great outdoors is to join a club. Outdoor activities are often more enjoyable with other people, and a club offers the chance to meet new people as well as learn from experienced outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Clubs exist throughout the country for any outdoor activity you can imagine and they always welcome new members.
  • Clubs will offer kit and equipment hire for your chosen activity, meaning you won’t have to invest in any expensive equipment until you’ve had a few attempts and then decided whether or not your new hobby really is for you.
  • Clubs will have very experienced members, meaning that with little or no knowledge you can take part safely in an activity and benefit from experienced members’ help and expertise.
  • If you decide you enjoy an activity and want to pursue it further, then experienced club members will give you all the instruction and training you need.
  • Meeting other new club members will help you to realize that you’re not the only beginner out there and you can all learn together!
  • Established clubs will know the best outdoor locations where you can go to enjoy your chosen outdoor activity.
  • Club members often benefit from club discounts at many outdoor retailers!
  • Information on local outdoor clubs can always be obtained at your local outdoor retailer. There are thousands of outdoor retailer branches across the country, and staff will always have information on how to get in touch with your local walking, mountain biking or kayaking club!

Using the internet to find an outdoor club

  • The internet offers another vast source of advice and information on getting started in outdoor activities. Start by using any internet search engine, such as Google or Yahoo, to search for information about the activity you’re interested in. 
  • Internet sites and forums dedicated to outdoor activities often contain good advice posted by experienced outdoor enthusiasts, or from other newbies, on how to get involved … 
  • By using the internet you can find out information on clubs near to you, including when and where they meet as well as contact details should you wish to ask any questions before your first visit.

Attend an introductory outdoor activity course

  • A great way to get started in an outdoor activity is to attend a basic, introductory course. Training centres and instructors who run such courses are located throughout the country. 
  • On a training course you will be given all the specialist clothing and equipment you will need for your activity meaning that you won’t have to invest in any gear unless you decide you really enjoy it and want to pursue it further after the course … 
  • Attending and completing a training course will mean you will benefit from qualified instructors and expert tuition. This means you’ll be in safe hands, and so all you’ll need to worry about will be simply getting out there and enjoying your activity!

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