Get into the outdoors — part 3

Top 10 activities for great outdoors newbies

If you’re a newcomer to the great outdoors and you’re looking for some ideas for outdoor activities and adventures then read on! Here, the team have compiled the top 10 outdoor activities for newcomers to the great outdoors — which are not only great fun but will get you fit, active and healthy.


Hiking is one of the easiest ways to get out there and enjoy the great outdoors! Walking is a great way of keeping fit and is an awesome fat-burning and muscle-toning exercise. The great thing about hiking is that you get to see some amazing scenery and visit new places while getting fit in the fresh air. It certainly beats plodding huge distances on the treadmill at the gym!

Mountain biking

Mountain biking is another great way to get fit and is a superb workout for your heart, lungs and muscles
and it burns the fat off too! Mountain biking allows you to cover greater distances than on foot, and so in this way you can discover more of the great outdoors. Bike routes exist for riders of all experience levels. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and get on your bike!

Wildlife spotting

Outdoor enthusiasts are drawn to the great outdoors to enjoy many different activities
but one thing we can all share is an appreciation of the fantastic wildlife that surrounds us on our adventures! There are many stunning and varied landscapes which are home to a fascinating array of plants and animals. Wildlife spotting will get you out into the great outdoors or you can always take some time out from your other outdoor activities to check out the amazing wildlife all around you!


Geocaching is an activity in which participants use a handheld GPS receiver to locate hidden ‘caches’ that have been placed all over the country. Caches are hidden by individuals and then their locations and descriptions are posted onto geocaching websites. Other geocachers to then go and try to find the caches using the information given. Caches are small, waterproof containers with prizes inside for whoever locates them! Geocaching is great fun and is a superb way to enjoy the outdoors
plus geocaching clubs will always have GPS receivers available to use if you don’t own one.


Orienteering is a great way to get your body and your brain fit and active in the great outdoors! Orienteering involves locating checkpoints that have been placed over an area of terrain. To locate the checkpoints you must walk or run, using a map and compass to find your way from point to point. Orienteering is a great way to have competitive fun in the outdoors
and it’s a great workout too!

Canadian canoeing

Water sports clubs offer all the equipment you need to hire a Canadian canoe for some fun on the water. Canadian canoes are very stable and are also easy to paddle and steer with no experience
making them ideal for some outdoors fun for all the family. Canoeing is a great way to get out there and enjoy the great outdoors and the skills involved are quick and simple to learn!

Kite flying

Kite flying is awesome fun and is a great way to get out and enjoy the outdoors.
Modern power kites offer superb maneuverability, allowing you to perform all kinds of stunts and tricks. Once you have developed your kite-flying skills you could even progress to kite boarding (being pulled along on a huge ‘skateboard’ by your kite). It’s awesome fun!

Surfing and bodyboarding

If you fancy having a go at surfing then surf schools offer all the equipment and tuition you need to get started. Surfing and bodyboarding are amazing fun and you can’t beat the rush of catching and riding a wave! Bodyboarding is an easier way to start than surfing, as you don’t have to stand up on a bodyboard. Once you learn to catch and ride waves on a bodyboard you can progress to surfing. Surfing and bodyboarding are great fun
and are also a perfect way to get outdoors and keep fit and healthy too!

Charity work

A fun and rewarding way to enjoy the great outdoors is to get involved in some kind of outdoors charity work. Outdoor charities that look after the environment and wildlife exist up and down the country, and these organizations always welcome volunteers who wish to help out! What better way is there to get out there and enjoy the great outdoors than by doing something to help out the environment we all enjoy?

Adventure racing

For the more adventurous newcomers to the great outdoors, adventure racing will offer the adrenalin-pumping challenge you need! Adventure races are events that integrate multiple disciplines into a single event, over rugged terrain. Entry-level races are usually 4 to 6-hour events, and are essentially ‘off-road triathlons’ involving a lake or river swim, mountain biking and trail running … all while navigating with a map and compass! The best way to get involved in this exciting and challenging activity is to join the nearest adventure racing club in your area.

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