Getting started in badminton

How to start playing badminton

Once you’ve decided that badminton could well be the sport to get your body fit and healthy, you’ll want to find out how to get involved with actually playing this popular racket sport. Here’s the guide to getting organised in the world of badminton, from booking a court through to joining a badminton club.

Booking a badminton court

Most local sports centres will have badminton courts for hire and you can expect to pay between £2.50 and £5.00 for an hour on a badminton court. It is always a good idea to ring ahead and book a court in advance to avoid any disappointment and you can also take this opportunity to check if the center can provide rackets and a shuttlecock until you have your own.

Correct kit for badminton playing

As for what to wear, any loose fitting clothing that allows free movement will be ideal. At this point you don’t need to invest in any badminton-specific clothing; shorts and a breathable t-shirt will be fine to start with. It is only at club or competitive level when an ‘all white’ clothing etiquette may come into force. However, you might need to consider your footwear as some sports clubs do not allow black soled sports shoes, so be aware.

Badminton clubs

Once you feel badminton is for you, it is worth taking your participation to the next level and joining a local badminton club. Wherever you live, there are likely to be several clubs to choose from so there should be no problem finding one in your area and most are not specific about the level of skill required to join.

Club sessions are usually held in the evenings or at weekends and they are generally at a local sports club or schools. As far as cost is concerned, the fee to join can vary from club to club depending on facilities and the type of membership you go for.

The good news is that most clubs offer a visitor’s rate so you can really get a feel for the club and if it is the right place for you before you sign up as a member. Clubs are a great way to progress your game; you can alternate who you play with as well as having the advantage of a coach to develop and perfect your skills.

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