Getting started in ice hockey

Useful information for beginner ice hockey players

Although ice hockey hasn’t caught on here as much as it has done in countries such as the United States and Canada, there will still be opportunities to get involved in the sport in your local area. Here’s some useful information to help you finding an ice hockey club.

Of course, before you get started in ice hockey it makes sense to ensure that you are a competent skater — so you may find it useful to find your feet on the ice first before contemplating learning how to control a puck. You could do this by simply going ice skating to begin with, rather than starting to play ice hockey when you have no previous experience on the ice.

Getting started in ice hockey

In addition to the adult levels of ice hockey for both men and women, there are also youth leagues (usually under 19) and junior levels (generally from under 17 to under the age of 10). Whatever your age, if you want to get involved in ice hockey in your area, a good first step would be to contact the following organisations for further information:

Ice Hockey UK

Berkeley House

18-24 High Street




Tel: 0208 732 4505

Irish Ice Hockey Association

13 Raleigh Square


Dublin 12


Tel: (01) 455-0222

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