Getting to know your fitness level

Understanding your level of fitness

Before you embark upon an exercise and fitness program to get your body healthy and active, it is vital you assess your level of bodily fitness. Here's our guide to working out your current exercise fitness level, so you don't jump in at the deep end.

Read the statements for each of the fitness categories below and decide which one applies best to your current exercise situation. Begin at that level and as your fitness and experience builds up, re-check against each fitness category to confirm if you’re ready to move up your exercise training programs.

Beginner fitness level

  • You are starting to exercise for the first time and/or ...
  • You are returning to training after a , for example: illness, injury, other commitments and/or ...period of inactivity
  • You are new to exercise classes (you have never attended an exercise class before).

Intermediate fitness level

  • You exercise two or three times per week and have done for at least 6 months and ...
  • You have attended exercise classes regularly in the last 6 months (perhaps one to two classes per week).

Advanced fitness level

  • You exercise more than three times per week and have done for at least six months and ...
  • You frequently attend exercise classes (perhaps more than two classes per week).

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