Green Street (2005)

An entertaining football film

Green Street is an entertaining film that is sure to give you a fresh view of life on the football terraces.

Tagline: Stand your ground and fight.

Green Street in a nutshell

This looks at football from the viewpoint of the fans or to be more precise, from that of football hooligans. It tells of an American undergraduate, Matt Bucker (Elijah Wood), who is unfairly expelled from Harvard and flees to his sister's home in England. Once there, he is befriended by her brother-in-law and introduced to the underworld of English football hooliganism.

Known in the American market as Green Street Hooligans, this movie is a powerful story telling of the Green Street Elite 'firm' operating at West Ham. The lead character gets dragged along and learns to fight and stand his ground for those who become his 'friends'. It’s a reasonably accurate portrayal of the hooligan culture that has blighted the English game.

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