Gregory’s Girl - 1981

An inspiring sports movie

Gregory's Girl is an entertaining and inspiring motion picture to get you back into the exercise groove or spur you into fitness action.

Directed by Bill Forsyth

Stars: John Gordon Sinclair, Dee Hepburn, Jake D’Arcy, Clare Grogan

Gregory's Girl in a nutshell: A feel-good coming-of-age tale set in and around a state secondary school in Scotland. John Gordon Sinclair plays Gregory, an awkward teenager who plays soccer and becomes smitten when Dorothy (Dee Hepburn) becomes the star of the school team.

Why Gregory's Girl is inspirational: Although the soccer element of the movie is not central to the plot, it acts as an incentive for anyone who wants to try out a sport – and especially one that is open to both genders.

Fact about Gregory's Girl: The movie was poorly re-dubbed for the US to help American viewers cope with the Scottish accents. But wherever you’re from, stick to the original version!

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