Guide to Baptiste Power Yoga

Power Vinyasa Yoga explained

If you want a physical yoga workout that will really work up a sweat, then Baptiste Power Yoga could be just for you. With sessions carried out in a hot environment you’ll get massive benefits from the yoga practice that rinses and detoxifies the mind and body, while building strength and flexibility.

What is Baptiste Power Yoga?

Baptiste power yoga is a strenuous and vigorous form of power yoga. It takes its name from Baron Baptiste who developed the style, which is also referred to as power Vinyasa yoga. It is generally taught in a studio with the heat turned up and a temperature hovering in the mid 90s, meaning that practitioners will work up a considerable sweat during what is a very physical yoga workout.

The style of yoga developed by Baptiste is based on adaptation – finding what works for ordinary people and discarding those elements that do not. It is about yogis of varying ability modifying each posture and creating their own individual experience.

Baptiste power yoga is a type of Vinyasa yoga with the poses flowing from one to another in a sequence rather than being held for seconds or even minutes, as is the case in some other forms of yoga. This is achieved by controlled breathing used in a specific manner to move from pose to pose.

In recent years, it has gained popularity and a number of successful books and DVDs have been released. It is popular with a number of Hollywood stars and Baptiste even brought this form of yoga to the training regime of player of NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles where he joined the coaching staff.

What are the benefits of Baptiste Power Yoga?

Baptiste power yoga is a muscle-shaping, mind-sculpting workout that brings many benefits on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. The great thing is that it is accessible to all regardless of what their starting point is – they simply work at their own level of ability and fitness.

Practitioners can build their ability to the point where they are able to experience the rewards of being stronger, suppler, relaxed, and generally less tense. Thus, Baptiste Power Yoga is great for conquering stress. It also demonstrates the value of exercise and attitude, and harnesses the power of discipline and inner balance.

How do I get started with Baptiste Power Yoga?

Baptiste power yoga can be learnt and practiced from Baptiste certified teachers who have attended power Vinyasa trainings. In Baptiste power yoga, the beginners are accommodated with others and are not isolated. They are able to pace themselves through a class rather than trying to keep up with it.

You can find details of studios that offer Baptiste Power Yoga by checking out

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