Guide to fruit and vegetables

The benefits of fruit and vegetables

Here is a quick guide to fruit and vegetables. This food group is made up of all the fruit and vegetables you can think of, with the exclusion of potatoes.

Fruit and vegetables should be part of your daily diet

Fruit and vegetables are a really important food group that should be included at every meal and for snacks too. The reason that we should be eating far more fruit and vegetables is that they help to prevent the major killers; heart disease and cancer. This is down to the Vitamin C, folate, fiber, carotenes and phytonutrients found in fruit and vegetables, all of these substances help to prevent disease in humans.

To help you include more fruit and vegetables in your daily diet choose from any of the following; canned, frozen, fresh, dried or juice. This can really help you to get the recommended five portions a day (a portion is 80g (2.8oz)). Think of it like this; breakfast have a 150ml (5oz) glass of pure orange juice with your cereal, mid-morning have an apple, lunch a dessert bowl of salad and then at dinner time have six tablespoons (two portions) of vegetables such as carrots or peas with your meal.

It is unusual for anyone to have too many fruit and vegetables however there have been reports of hypercarotenosis which causes a yellowy discolouration to the skin; this usually disappears when carotenoids (provided by many fruit and vegetables but carrots are most notable) are removed from the diet. It is important to know that you have to eat an amount far in excess of the recommended five portions per day to induce this condition.

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