Gym and swim indoor training

Outdoor sport training indoors

A decent level of general fitness is key to being able to get the most out of your activity when in the great outdoors, so gym training and swimming offer a great opportunity to work on your fitness before you head outside.

Gyms and swimming pools offer great facilities in which to improve your CV fitness
  • One of the best ways to train for any outdoor activity is to keep yourself generally fit! Being in good shape before you start any activity will increase your enjoyment and reduce your risk of personal injury through fatigue or muscle strains — and a great way to maintain your fitness is to go to the gym or pool regularly!
  • Gyms and swimming pools offer great facilities in which to increase your cardiovascular or CV (heart and lung) fitness, as well as increase your strength by using cycle machines, rowers, joggers, cross-trainers, weight machines and many other types of equipment.
  • Join a local gym and explain your training needs and goals to the instructors, who will design a personal training program to help you get fit for your outdoor adventures.
  • Swimming is also a great way to get fit, and will provide you with an awesome CV and all-round body workout without pounding on your joints like jogging can do.

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