Head turning – to assess neck flexibility

Testing the flexibility of your neck through exercise

Testing the flexibility of your neck will tell you how much more stretching and mobilizing exercise you need to do to fully protect it from feeling tight. Here's our guide to a neck workout that will indicate your current neck exercise progress.

The neck is the most mobile part of the spine – or at least it should be! Often the neck gets tight on one side due to favouring that side when using the phone, carrying a bag and so on.

How to do this exercise

To test your neck flexibility, sit up tall and look straight ahead. Get someone to stand directly behind you as you rotate your head to the right. Ask them to note how much of your profile they can see. Eyelashes of the left eye? Nose in full profile? Now slowly return to the center and rotate your head to the left. Again, get your observer to assess how much of your profile they can see.

Results of this neck exercise

If you find you have a greater range of motion in one direction than the other, then you should incorporate stretches and mobilizing exercises into your fitness routine to extend your flexibility.

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