Horse riding kit

Clothing and equipment basics for horse riding

Have you got the horse riding bug? If you have and want to invest in your own kit, here is a guide to what you'll need to get started.

Horse riding hat

Horse riding hat

When purchasing a riding hat, it is essential that it meets the following criteria.

  • Current safety standards. For up to date standards, visit the BETA (British Equestrian Trade Association) website.
  • Has a three-point chin strap.
  • That it fits!

The last point may seem obvious, but one of the most important aspects of the hat is that it fits you correctly. It is advisable that your hat is fitted by a BETA retailer.

Just one final point to consider, it is wise to avoid getting a second-hand hat unless you know its history; even if the hat looks in pristine condition. If the hat has been damaged, even by as little as being dropped, somLong boots for ridinge of the protective features may be restricted.

Horse riding boots

There are two basic types of riding boot; long boots and jodhpur boots:

Although expensive, long boots have the advantage of protecting the rider’s leg and ankles. However, they can be restrictive ad uncomfortable to wear. Jodhpur boots are generally more comfortable, but offer no protection to the rider’s leg and so they are most often worn with gaiters that cover the lower leg.

Body protectors for horse riding

Horse Riding body protector

When you begin to progress and move to riding outside the arena, you may wish to invest in a body protector. A body protector is simply a foam filled vest which is worn over the top of your clothes. They are designed to give protection to the back and chest area should the rider fall or be kicked.

The body protector should:

  • Fit properly (seek advice from a specialist retailer).
  • Conform to current safety standards, BETA 2000.

For a guide to BETA approved retailers, current safety standards and further information on equestrian clothing and equipment, please visit the BETA website.

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