How to choose a dance style right for you

Finding the best form of dancing exercise

Dancing offers a great way to improve your bodily health and fitness, with more and more people taking it up as a serious form of exercise. However, if you want to get active through dance training, it’s important to pick the style that is right for your tastes and physical shape.

Dancing may be a fun and sociable way of developing your muscular strength, bone structure and mental wellbeing but it won’t truly lead you on the path towards fitness success until you’ve chosen the right mode of dance.

As a result, here are some top tips on choosing the style of dance that is perfect for improving your own body’s health and fitness ...

Physical condition for dancing.

Dancing is a broad activity that covers many styles and disciplines. Before you pick which one to train in, it’s vital that you honestly assess your body’s capabilities. You may have a burning desire to try the funky and explosive moves of salsa or Capoerira but if you don't excersise regualarly, a more sedate form of dancing could offer a better introduction. Different dances require a huge variety of fitness levels and physical demands, so consider your body’s current condition before jumping (or rather, jiving) in at the deep-end.

Dancing age

If you last enjoyed dancing while wearing a white suit and a gold medallion and strutted your stuff at a thing called a discotheque, it’s probably best that you think carefully before launching into an intensive dancing style. Many forms of dance are open to all ages, with ballroom dancing and Irish dancing popular across a range of social groups. However, if you’re thinking of taking up flamenco, break dancing or belly dancing, it’s best to consult a qualified instructor who understands the potential restrictions of age. Age doesn’t have to be too big a factor in choosing which dance to pursue; it’s just important that you know the limits of your body to stay safe …

Dancing tastes

While the condition of your body may be a guiding factor in your choice of dance exercise, your personal preferences will also play a big part in what style of dance you enjoy. It’s probably best not to try pole dancing just yet if you’re the shy and retiring type, whilst an Israeli folk dance may not be such a bright idea if you traditionally prefer winding your car window down and blasting out some drum ‘n’ bass classics. Consider your personality and music tastes, before choosing a style of dance. It’s really for the best …

Dancing goals

People get involved in dance exercise for a number of different reasons, whether it be to burn off the calories, make new friends or ease their mental stresses. Either way, by correctly assessing your dancing goals, and what you want to get out of your dancing exercise, you’ll soon find out which style is right for your personal needs.

Dancing advice

Getting advice by chatting to friends or family who have already fallen for dance exercise will offer some useful guidance as to what style you should start out in. Speaking to friends or colleagues or getting involved with people on will allow you to learn from their mistakes, and also benefit from their recommendations. So get chatting about dance now!

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